Studio i - finished

Concept & Scriptwriting

Studio i is an initiative of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven.

Through inclusive thinking, Studio i strives to make museums less exclusive. The challenge for this animation was to balance the sensitivity of inclusivity and a tone of activation. I conceived the storyline and wrote the voice-over copy for both animations.

> Watch: Introducing Studio i
> Watch: Studio i on intersectionality

visuals by Studio Wim
*Awarded with Gold A'DESIGN award 2019

Stedelijk - finished

Concept & Scriptwriting

2019 wrap-up video
> Watch: Stedelijk 2019

You can go to a museum to watch art. Or, you can try to see more. Question what moved the artist or the museum. This learns you about life, love, society and what not.

Since Stedelijk has taken a rather outspoken position in social debates, this concept of watching/seeing felt like the only right way to wrap up 2019.

2018 wrap-up video
> Watch: Stedelijk 2018

When I dug into Stedelijk's history, I read that they were one of the first museums to paint all their walls white back in 1930. Pretty cool pioneering. Since then, their mission was to understand past, present and future through art.

I started to wonder what time is, and what it means to us. After writing the first draft, I connected each sentence to a few projects, making a meaningful connection between words and images.

visuals by Studio Wim

DutchCulture - finished

Concept & Scriptwriting

DutchCulture (a Dutch semi-governmental organization) is the plug for Dutch international cultural projects and collaborations abroad.

The animation for their new identity and website puts the beating heart of DutchCulture in the spotlight: their database. I was charmed by the idea of art without boundaries, so I built the script around that idea.

> Watch: DutchCulture

visuals by Studio Wim

The Main Ingredient - finished

Strategy / Web copy

The Main Ingredient is a startup studio: they co-create or co-found startups.

Their quest: how can we reflect our innovative, smart and think-different mindset in our copy? I worked in close collaboration with the designer: maximizing synergy between copy and design from the first drafts.

"You know what motivates us? Creating solutions the world didn’t know it was waiting for."

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design by Gijs.Work

VIVE - finished

Concept & Scriptwriting

VIVE is an investment app helping to realize long term financial goals.

They target a young and financially savvy audience. I wrote the script and birthed visual ideas for a video that is built around words.

> Watch: VIVE - Design your future

visuals by Studio Wim
with Collective Minds agency

Does - finished

Voice-over copy

Graffiti artist Does asked Strictua to make a short documentary.

I interviewed Does on his 20 years as an artist and then wrote the script & voice-over copy.

> Watch: DOES - First 20 years

film by Strictua

MessageBird - finished

Web copy / Transcreation

MessageBird provides communication solutions for clients like Uber and Google (SMS verification etcetera).

I iteratively translated and rewrote Dutch copy.

"We zijn een erkende provider met meer dan 900 direct of indirect aangesloten operators. Ons platform brengt je berichten via de snelste weg naar bestemming."

BMW - finished

Web copy

Quality cars need copy of matching quality.

BMW was building a new test drive landing page. I wrote the copy in the signature BMW tone of voice while keeping a young (web savvy) target group in mind.

"Sportiviteit zit in het DNA van elke BMW en zijn bestuurder."

past work - finished

BNO - Tone/Voice
Philips - UX copy
æternity blockchain - UX copy
Zalando Man - Social copy
Marqt - Print & in-store communication
Nike / Eastpak / Timberland / Kipling - Transcreation